The Story: A Forgotten Lepcha Legendries

Phurden Lepcha
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The Story: A Forgotten Lepcha Legendries

Ren. Tamyong Lepcha

Ren. Tamyong Lepcha; He is one of the very first founding members of Sikkim Lepcha Association (Renjyong Mutanchi Rong Shezum) in the year of 1973. In the initial stage of its formation, he had held the responsibility of General Secretary the then the only Lepcha association in Sikkim. He is one of the living legend of Lepcha community. He had played the crucial role in order to create awareness about the importance of education, Mother Tongue, ethnic culture, and unity of the community among Lepcha people during his early age.

Today's Lepcha community must owe his invaluable contributions towards the welfare of the community specifically community roles in political rights and other political benefits since from those times till date.

He is the heart, soul, and eyes of the Rong Sukdum (Lepcha world). It's my honor and privileged to get a picture with this great personalities of the Lepcha community.

Place: Middle Lingee,
Tumin-Lingee Constituency
South Sikkim


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