Unveiling a Forgotten Lepcha Legend

Phurden Lepcha
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The Story: A Forgotten Lepcha Legendries
Ren. Tamyong Lepcha
Ren. Tamyong Lepcha stands as a towering figure within the Lepcha tribal community of Sikkim. His legacy is deeply intertwined with the establishment of the Sikkim Lepcha Association (Renjyong Mutanchi Rong Shezum) in 1973.

A founding member, Ren. Tamyong Lepcha played a pivotal role in its formative stages, serving as the General Secretary of this, at the time, singular Lepcha association in Sikkim. His leadership and dedication during this crucial period are undeniable.

Ren. Tamyong Lepcha's influence extends far beyond his official position. Recognized as a living legend among the Lepcha people, he has championed the importance of education, mother tongue preservation, and the celebration of ethnic culture. His unwavering commitment to unity fostered a strong sense of community spirit among the Lepcha people from a young age.

The Lepcha community today owes Ren. Tamyong Lepcha an immense debt of gratitude. His tireless efforts continue to resonate, particularly in the realm of political rights and securing other political benefits for the community. His contributions have demonstrably improved the well-being of the Lepcha people for generations.

More than just a leader, Ren. Tamyong Lepcha embodies the very essence of the Lepcha world – the Rong Sukdum. His dedication, wisdom, and unwavering spirit serve as an inspiration to all. Consider it a distinct honor to share a photograph with such a remarkable personality.

Place: Middle Lingee,
Tumin-Lingee Constituency
South Sikkim


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